Who are the Omaha Perl Mongers?

Welcome! We are the Omaha, Nebraska, USA Perl user group.

Perl is a computer programming language popular for a wide variety of tasks. Perl Mongers are programmers/dabblers of all skill levels interested in learning more about programming Perl, programming other languages, and general computer geekiness.

Join our mailing list and come to our meetings! We welcome new members of all skill levels. New to computer programming and motivated to learn? You're in luck! Perl is free, and so are our meetings, mailing list, etc.

Join #perl in Slack! Around the world IRC remains very popular: #perl-help


We've joined forces with OMG!Code, the Omaha Maker Group: Source Code guild. Check out that website for our upcoming meetings!

Topics of Interest

There are a lot of cool new things going on in Perl that are worth talking about. Some of these things include:

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